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Life Science & Bioteknik

If you are studying Life Science or Biotechnology you have the opportunity to listen to alumni.



May 12, 2022





Triple Helix, Universitetsledningshuset

Detta Jobbsnack har redan ägt rum, och går inte att anmäla sig till.


If you are studying the Bachelor of Science Program in Life Science or the Master of Science in Biotechnology program, you have theopportunity to listen to alumni who tell you about what it is like to work and live in the Umeå region.

Moderator for this Jobbsnack is Karolina Broman, Chair of the Education committee at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Karolina mostly teaches students at the upper secondary school teacher education programme and the supplementary programme in secondary education. One of her most common and meaningful tasks is to examine teacher students when they do their practice courses in schools. Karolina has worked with Virtual Reality within the Life Science and Biotechnology programmes, as a new teaching approach to visualize chemical structures.


08.30-09.00 Drop in and coffee      

09.00-09.10 Moderator, Karolina  Broman - Welcome,  the labor market in the Umeå region      

09.10-09.40 Emma Johansson - A  combination of molecular biology and life sciences. The journey to work as a  researcher at a biorefinery and the employment needs linked to the transition  to fossil-free alternatives.      

09.40-09.55 Coffee  break      

09.55-10.25 Julia Johansson,  Oskar Kohl and Erika Gelfgren  - Agrisera  is specialized in antibody production and purification. Oskar, who graduated  from the Life Science program, tells more about what it is like to work as a  safety representative and Julia talks about what it is like to work as a  laboratory technician after her degree as an Engineering Biotechnology. Erika  will talk about companies' needs for competence.    

10.25-10.55 Johanna Källman - what it is like to work as a process engineer at the  biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker. Johanna will also provide an insight into the  factory's need for future skills.    

10.55-11.00 Moderator, Karolina  Broman - Summary  and conclusion    

11.00-12.00 Mingle  and lunch  


Erika Gelfgren

Erika Gelfgren


Erika studied Enginering Biotechnology at Umeå University. She got the opportunity to do her Master Thesis at Agrisera 10 years ago and has been employeed since then. The first years her work was mainly to help customers designing projects to producespecific antibodies required for their research. Then she got a position as Production Manager and since three years she is CEO of Agrisera.

Oskar Kohl

Oskar Kohl


Oskar studied the Life Science program at Umeå Universityand and has a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology. Oskar has worked at Agrisera since the beginning of 2021 and works mainly with affinity purification of antibodies, splenocyte preparation and holds the title of safety representative.

As safety representative Oskar has been involved in many new projects at Agrisera including starting up a new lab, establishing a method for splenocyte preparation and setting up routines necessary for a safe lab environment.  

Julia Johansson

Julia Johansson


Julia studied Engineering Biotechnology at Umeå University with a plant biotechnology masters profile. She is now working as a laboratory technician at Agrisera in Umeå and was employed right after graduation in 2021. At Agrisera she works with processes related to purification of antibodies. Some of her work tasks include affinity purification of polyclonal antibodies, isolation of splenocytes and production of finished antibody products. She is also involved in qualitycontrol of purified antibodies.

Emma Johansson

Emma Johansson

RISE Processum

Emma Johansson holds a master’s in molecular biology at Umeå University from 2007 and a PhD in Life Sciences from Chalmers University of Technology. She works as a researcher at the industrial and flexible research and innovation partner within biorefinery, RISE Processum in Örnsköldsvik. Emma participates in several projects; one is named UNLOCK in which procurement of keratin from slaughterhouse waste in the form of bird feathers for use in agriculture is developed.

Johanna Källman

Johanna Källman

Domsjö Fabriker

Johanna work as a process engineer at the biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker in Örnsköldsvik. Her role is mainly as a project leader in process and product development projects and work with customer support. In addition to project management, her work also includes, among other things, data analysis and planning and carrying out mill experiments. She has a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering –Engineering Chemistry, from Umeå University.


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